4 Egg Alternatives Perfect for Baking

Egg alternative baking

If you’re anything like me, you assumed that going egg-free meant no more baking, no more scrambled eggs and eating mysterious egg-free cakes that you can only find in bakeries or shops. Well, I’m here to tell you that I was wrong! We’re lucky enough to live in a world with a lot of great egg alternatives.

There’s various reasons you may be cutting out egg. Eggs contain high levels of cholestrol, so you may be told to avoid it if you have high cholestrol or heart problems. You may also be kissing eggs goodbye if you have decided to take the vegan leap. You might also just not really like eggs! Whatever the case may be, listed below are some great alternatives that are perfect for baking…

An Aquafabalous Alternative…

Aquafaba is essentially the thick, viscous liquid that is created when legumes, typically chickpeas, are cooked in water. The liquid whips and thickens just like eggs so works perfectly as a binding agent in baking and or adds air in desserts like meringue. Usually, you can use the liquid straight of the can simply by straining the chickpeas but that does sometimes mean you end up with a bowl of chickpeas sat in your fridge.

So, if you don’t fancy making a chickpea curry, there are other options. OGGS offers a carton of aquafaba that’s the equivalent of 4 eggs. It’s fat free, low calorie, has no added sugar, and is ethically sourced (pretty good if you ask me!). They recommend trying out vegan brownies, check out the New Year blog for my favourite vegan brownie recipe.

OGGS egg aquafaba alternative

Another Eggcellent Option…

Flaxseed and water is a great option that is natural and very affordable. To replace one egg, simply combine 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds with 3 tablespoons of water and allow it to sit for around 5 minutes. The mixture thickens up into an egg-like consistency that is perfect for baking.

How to Make Flax "Eggs" - Cookie and Kate

This brand might have CRACKD the secret to egg alternatives…

Made predominantly from pea protein and starch, CRACKD’s ‘No-Egg Egg’ is probably the most versatile of all the products listed so far. Not only is it great in plant-based cakes, it’s also perfect for savoury bakes like yorkshire puddings! It can also be eaten alone, try it scrambled with some seasoming as an edition to your egg-free brekkie.

Crackd egg alternative

Last but not least…

Finally, we’ve got Orgran Vegan Egg Replaced Mix. This product was designed for allergy-friendly baking so if vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and (obviously) egg-free. It’s made from potato and tapioca starch with a raising agent to help your cakes puff right up!

No egg replacer for baking

So there you have it, 4 egg alternatives perfect for baking! If you fancy some more vegan tips and recipes, join our newsletter or check out our favourite Veganuary recipes!

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