4 Natural Energy Drinks Worth Trying

When you hear energy drink, it’s easy to jump straight to high sugar drinks that are chockablock with synthetic caffeine. It’s true, a lot of energy drinks are packed full of sugar and have extremely high caffeine levels. So, it’s understandable if you want to find a less intense product that will boost your energy.

As a disclaimer, these drinks are not caffeine-free. If you feel like you react badly to caffeine, check out our 4 signs of caffeine intolerance.

Why Natural Energy Drinks?

You may ask why natural energy drinks are any different from your bulk standard Monster or Lucozade? Its purpose is exactly the same as a standard energy drink, to boost your energy, however, it cuts out unhealthy ingredients like artificial sweeteners and added sugars.

Instead, natural energy drinks add beneficial, energizing vitamins and minerals. Many brands also choose ingredients, such as green coffee beans, to add caffeine.

Our 4 Favourites..

1. Purdey’s

Purdey's Natural Energy

Purdey’s has been around for over 30 years, way before the wellness trend or spike in natural energy drinks. That means they’re really great at creating healthy, tasty drinks that contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing. Purdey’s offers three drinks with different qualities but all made with fruit juice, botanicals & b-vitamins designed to boost your energy.

2. Tenzing

Original Recipe (24 x 250ml)

You’ve probably seen Tenzing pop up a lot recently as its grown in popularity. Inspired by natural energy brews made by Sherpas in Norway, this all-natural brand is highly focused on sustainability and producing plant-based drinks with the planet in mind. That’s something I can definitely get on board with!

3. Matcha

Super Easy Iced Matcha Latte - Eating Bird Food

Not quite an energy drink in the stereotypical sense but definitely a great option. If you get the coffee jitters, matcha is a great option. It comes from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis so does contain caffeine but is nowhere near as intense as coffee. It’s also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, so has health benefits. Teapigs offer matcha latte sachets so you can even have them at home!

4. Benefit Water by Benefit

This flavoured sparkling water is very tasty and packed full of vitamins designed to boost brain function. It also has no added sugar, sweeteners or calories, so if you’re looking for something light, you’ve found it.

There you have it! 4 alternatives to regular energy drinks. Check out our newsletter for more tips and recommendations!

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