Here Are 7 Of The Best Sulphite-Free Wines

By now, you must have realized how classy, fun, and sensible it is to have a bottle of wine as part of every special occasion. However, not everyone can arouse their taste buds with every bottle of wine. There are people with allergies to sulphur dioxide that is present in many wines

Winemakers preserve wines from spoiling using sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide has antiseptic and antioxidant properties responsible for its ability to preserve wine. However, sulphur is an allergen and can initiate an allergic reaction of varying severity.

Sulphur can cause allergic reactions such as headaches, breathing difficulties, low blood pressure, among others. But don’t worry, if you are allergic to sulphur, you can still enjoy a glass of wine thanks to sulfite-free wines. Here are seven sulphite-free wines that are bound to get your tastebuds excited.

Frey Organic Natural Red

The Frey brand considers Frey Organic Natural Red Sulphite-Free wine a basic level red. However, this wine packs richness in it enough to beat the entry-level red tag it is given. Sold in a bottle of medium build, it has a distinctively smooth taste, with a delicate balance and its garnet hue.

Its finish is an exquisite touch of fruity and has an attractive red color thanks to what the manufacturer calls organic techniques in brewing. It can work seamlessly with any meal, and even if you are on a holiday trip, it doesn’t disappoint. This wine was voted best buy in the 2019 wine enthusiast magazine.

Sequerciani Pugnitello

Sequerciani Pugnitello Sulphite Free Wine is another brand that boasts of being ICEA and Demeter organically certified. It has a big and full appearance and packs a rich flavour that is notoriously smooth. Sequerciani Pugnitello Sulphite Free Wine starts with an initial fruity flavor before a savory taste picks up on its extra-long finish. If you want sulphite-free wines that speak and taste class, sequerciani pugnitello sulphite-free wine is what you are looking for.

Sequerciani Libello

Sequerciani Libello is another brand of sulphite-free wines that are organically certified by ICEA and Demeter.  The makers of this wine are small-time producers but the techniques used to produce some of the best sulphite-free wines. Other than being sulphite-free, it has no gluten and is suitable for vegans. You can enjoy this wine immediately or give it some time in the bottle to mellow a little for a classier taste.

La Selva

This brand of wine belongs to the Sangiovese family but has a cherry flavor and is known for its natural balance. La Selva Sulphite Free Wine is organic and is suitable for a vegan diet. It is one of the most sold brands of sulphite free windows and has no gluten.

Chateau Costes Cirgues

Chateau Costes Cirgues is made from a small winery run by a family of wine enthusiasts. Chateau Costes Cirgues this brand is their premium brand. Chateau costes cirgues is aged in French oak after being gravity fed and concrete fermented, which gives it its rich taste.

Chateau Costes Cirgues is a brand of wine that speaks luxury. It is vegan and gluten-free, which is a plus for vegans who would like a taste of sulphite free wine. This wine can complement any occasion.

Costes Cirgues Bois du Roi

The first thing you notice about Costes Cirgues Bois du Roi is its purple color, deep and opaque. Giving this wine time to decant before savoring it is the best way to drink and enjoy it. It has a distinctive velvet feel on the mouth and an awesome fruit flavor.

Here is another brand of wine that can perfectly work with any occasion. It has no gluten, and no wood is used in it. Costes cirgues bois du roi organic and can suit a vegan diet.

Costes Cirgues Monplaisir

This wine is designed to be drunk before it ages. It has a rich red appearance and a long finish. Costes Cirgues Monplaisir has a full flavor and a gentle but rich mouthfeel. You will quickly feel its exquisite balance.

Final Words

Sulphite allergy is a reality, and many people avoid wine because of it. However, sulphite free wines exist, and your sulphite allergy should not stop you from enjoying a glass of wine. The above wines are the best if you have a sulphite allergy and all of them can be found at

Not all wine shops educate you on which brands have sulphite or not. Clickerance, however, is here to help you. Sign up today and easily know which store gives you what you need if you are a dietary shopper.

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