Your Guide to the Tastiest Gluten-Free Beers in the UK

A group of friends drinking Gluten-free beers

More than 8.5 million people in the UK are now living gluten-free. Some people have a gluten allergy, while others avoid it as a lifestyle choice. But, no matter what your reason for avoiding gluten is, one thing is for sure; the regular bear is totally off limits!

Many cereal grains used to make beer, like oats, barley, and wheat, are naturally full of gluten. And if the beer has malt, then it becomes even more of a bummer since it has a double load of the stuff. This begs the question, where do we turn to, or should we just quit beer altogether?

If you love a cold beer in your hands when hanging out with friends, then the latter is out of the question. Keep reading as we tell you all about gluten-free beers, along with a list of some of the tastiest gluten-free beers in the UK. But first;

What is gluten?

Gluten is a variety of proteins found in certain cereal grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. While gluten comes in handy when making a good dough, it’s quite harmful to gluten-intolerant and gluten-allergic people who cannot digest it.

Most of the cereals used to brew beer contain gluten. So, where does that leave us? Thankfully, a couple of breweries have found a workaround for this dilemma. By creating beer using gluten-free or low-gluten ingredients, celiac people around the UK can now enjoy tasty gluten-free beers.

What are Gluten-free beers?

Gluten-free beers are basically beers that contain a gluten level below 20 quarts per million (20ppm). The low levels of gluten make it possible for celiac people to enjoy the beer without any negative side effects. Gluten-free beer is achieved in two ways:

Gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer is mostly made of naturally gluten-free cereals such as buckwheat, millet, and quinoa. These beers are always labeled gluten-free since they are still considered an ‘at risk product’ despite their ingredients.

Gluten-removed beer

Gluten-free beer can also be made from cereals that contain gluten. However, during the manufacturing process, the gluten is removed through an enzymatic process that results in extremely low levels of gluten, often below 10ppm. Like their counterparts, these beers also come with a gluten-free label.

There You Have It! A-List of Our Favourite Tasty Gluten-Free Beer

Magic Rock Brewing – Saucery

Saucery gluten-free beer

A product of Magic Rock Brewing based in Huddersfield, this low-strength gluten-free beer has a tropical freshness that pairs up pretty well with savory food. So if you don’t like anything too sweet, this might be a perfect fit.

Birmingham Brewing Co – Witty Brummie

Witty Brummie Gluten-Free Beer

Straight from the newest kid on the block, Witty Brummie is a gluten-free 4.4% ABV beer that is sure to excite your taste buds. It is cloudy in appearance and comes infused with coriander and orange peel spice which gives you a wave after wave of smooth creaminess when it sweeps across your tongue.

Purity Brewing – Session

Purity’s Session Pure Keg

A product of Purity Brewing, Session beer is a wonderful combination of eureka, mosaic hops, and Simcoe. This unfiltered, hazy gluten-free beer is infused with the perfect amount of real grapefruit, so you’ll be getting a note of tropical fruit with every sip.

Peroni  gluten-free lager

Gluten-Free Peroni

Introducing Italy’s number one premium lager, Peroni. This beer comes in a crisp, refreshing flavor and is endorsed by the Italian Coeliac Association. Unlike most beers on this list, Peroni is made of regular cereal, but the gluten level is significantly reduced.

Green’s Grand India Pale Ale

Green’s Grand IPA

If you indulge in spicy food, then you need a beer that goes with it. This award-winning, gluten-free beer has an attractive green, amber look coupled with a herbal aroma and firm bitterness that goes down perfectly with dark chocolate. This beer is brewed from naturally gluten-free ingredients, so all celiacs out there can partake in its delightful taste.

Ready To Order? There’s an App for That

Sure, in the past, our beer options were somewhat limited. But now, there are tons of beers out there for celiacs to choose from. So, the next time you want to indulge in a drink or two when relaxing with your mates, Download us to do your food shop and discover new gluten-free beers and snacks!

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